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The factors include luxurious living, tax-free and commercial property ownership, an amazing lifestyle with shopping centers, restaurants, and beautiful beaches, breathtaking desert landscapes, and a rich culture.

Buying properties in Dubai is an excellent future investment due to the city’s development and favorable expatriate conditions.

Understanding the fundamental principles of purchasing real estate in the UAE is crucial, and experienced agents from the Cayan Real Estate Group can guide you through this process.

Cayan Real Estate Group offers security and protection to clients, along with detailed transaction information, ensuring transparency and legal compliance throughout the process.

  • In the investor’s country, it is translated by a juror and then certified by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consulate.
  • All papers can also be extracted and translated from the consulate in Turkey.

Several important factors should be remembered, such as infrastructure, local property laws, city’s future plans, and guidance from professional real estate agents.

Yes, both residents and non-residents, whether residing abroad or in Dubai, can purchase property in designated freehold areas in Dubai based on the permission issued by the ruler of Dubai in 2002.

No, you are not required to obtain any form of residency or similar permit to be eligible to buy property in Dubai.

Dubai’s real estate market adheres to a number of local laws and regulations that contribute to its development and organization.

Freehold areas in Dubai are regions where individuals and companies can own properties in full ownership without the need for a local partner.

There may be additional conditions and procedures for foreign buyers when purchasing property in Dubai, which must be adhered to according to local laws and regulations.

Yes, anyone can own property in Dubai. However, if the property is registered under a company, the company might need to be incorporated in specific areas, such as Dubai Investment Park or certain designated free zones.

Designated areas may include Dubai Investment Park, certain external areas, or designated free zones, depending on local laws and regulations.

Registering a property under a company name might offer benefits such as maintaining your company and operating in specific zones. However, compliance with local laws and procedures is essential.

Completing a property resale deal in Dubai takes around 30 days from the date of signing the sales contract by all relevant parties.

Off-plan property transactions in Dubai usually take about one day, and in some cases, they can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

Yes, our company can act on your behalf through a power of attorney to facilitate the property deal and save you time. In this case, the buyer is free to travel according to the planned schedule while we handle the transaction.

The Dubai Real Estate Register is a place for documenting and registering all information related to properties, their locations, and associated rights. It contains details of properties such as ownership, area, and legal rights.

Registered property owners or individuals authorized by a court order are the ones who can access the information in the Dubai Real Estate Register. It is not open to the general public.

The Dubai Real Estate Register records a variety of rights related to properties, such as ownership rights, mortgages, leasing, legal authorization, buying and selling rights, lease rights, and more.

The Dubai Real Estate Register is a legal document that secures property ownership rights and transactions, providing transparency and security in property buying, selling, and transfer operations in Dubai.

Visas F.A.Q

Questions and Answers about Residence Visas for Investors in Dubai

The real estate sector has been one of the key contributors to Dubai’s long-term economic growth.

 The UAE government has implemented strategic initiatives and projects to enhance the real estate sector, enriching the investment environment and instilling confidence in investors.

The Golden Visa is a long-term residence visa that allows investors in the real estate sector and their families to reside in Dubai for extended periods.

Investor visas in Dubai include: a 3-year investor visa, a 5-year Green Residency visa, a 10-year Golden Residency visa, and a retirement residency visa.

To obtain the Golden Residency visa, you need to have a real estate investment worth AED 2 million or more.

Yes, all investor visas can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

Yes, visas can be issued for direct family members, including spouses and children.

The 3-year investor visa requires a real estate investment of AED 750,000 or more and can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

The 5-year Golden Residency visa requires a real estate investment of AED 2 million or more and can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

 The amendments aim to facilitate and enhance investment opportunities in Dubai, attracting new investors from around the world.

You can obtain a 3-year residence visa in Dubai by purchasing a completed residential property worth at least AED 750,000 and then applying for a 3-year investor visa.

Holders of a 3-year residence visa can reside in Dubai and avail various services, such as opening a local bank account and obtaining a driving license, in addition to unlimited visa renewals.

Yes, owners of mortgaged properties can get a 3-year investor visa if they invest a minimum of AED 750,000 and provide a bank statement.

The Green Residency visa is for investors establishing or participating in business activities. It requires local authority approval, confirmed investment, and a freelance work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Holders of a 10-year Golden Residency visa can enjoy long-term residency, sponsor their families, open bank accounts, obtain a driving license, and apply for an Esaad card for discounts on goods and services.

If an investor purchases an under-construction property with loans from selected local banks, they can obtain a 10-year Golden Residency visa after the property’s completion.

The application fee for a Green visa is AED 335.75. The fees for the Golden Residency visa vary based on the type and status, and specific details can be checked with local sources.

Yes, after recent amendments, holders of the Golden Residency visa can stay abroad for up to 6 months without affecting the visa’s validity.

Yes, holders of the Golden Residency visa can apply for an Esaad card, which provides discounts on a wide range of goods and services.

The 10-year Golden Residency visa offers stability, extensive opportunities for investors and their families, allowing sponsorship of family members, hiring local employees, appointing consultants and executives, and applying for an Esaad card for discounts.

 The retirement visa for elderly investors aims to attract investors over the age of 55, granting them a 5-year residency.

Applicants for a retirement visa must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Monthly income of AED 20,000 or more.
  2. Savings of at least AED 1 million.
  3. Purchase of local property valued at AED 2 million using personal funds.

Holders of the retirement visa receive a 5-year residency, can work during retirement, and can sponsor their spouses and school-aged children.

The minimum monthly income to qualify for a retirement visa in Dubai is AED 15,000.

Yes, applicants must own properties valued at a minimum of AED 750,000. The properties must not be mortgaged, rented, or under construction.

Yes, if the investment is a joint project between spouses, they can apply for an investor visa together with a certified marriage certificate.

Yes, the retirement visa can be renewed every five years, provided all mentioned conditions are met.

Yes, holders of the retirement visa must have valid medical insurance in the UAE while applying.

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